A portrait donation to the museum

A portrait depicting Jakusich György from the 18th century was donated to the museum by Végsheő Tamás, the church historian professor of the Saint Athanasius Greek Catholic Theological Institute. The painting came accidentally into the view of Terdik Szilveszter who is an art historian. He called Father Tamás’s attention to the artifact who bought the painting. The painting was restored with the assistance of Seres Tamás, the restorer of the museum and got a frame.

The solemn celebration of the donation happened on 15th Jun 2023 related to the 9th Meeting of Church Historians. The masterpiece was accepted by Szabó Irén museum director from Véghseő Tamás as a private gift.

Jakusich György (1642-47) was Bishop of Eger in the middle of the 17th century. He was the person to inspire the Byzantine Rite priests to step on union with the Western Latin Church.

Photo: P. Tóth Nóra