The touring exhibition about the history of acting in Nyíregyháza was complemented by an „extraordinary guided tour” and a discussion on 18th October in the Greek Catholic Museum.

An exhibition on the history of the Moricz Zsigmond Theatre was opened in the hall of the Greek Catholic Museum on 18th of October.

The exhibition is the brainchild of Fruzsina Pregitzer, Jászai Mari Prize winner actress and teacher of the college. The Nyíregyháza drama company was founded in 1981 and celebrated the 40th anniversary in 2021. Following the covid epidemic, the exhibition supported by the Hungarian Academy of Arts was opened in the Szinbád Event Hall of the Zsigmond Móricz Theatre on 29 August 2022, and covers the history of 200 years.

After a welcome speech by Irén Szabó, the museum director, Fruzsina Pregitzer opened the exhibition and recalled how the idea was born, told about the research and the implementation fo the exhibition.

The actors of the theatre presented a performance about the history of theatre, guided the audience with colourful anecdotes from the early stumbles of the theatre to the way towards the permanent company.

The special event in the evening was a conversation between Kéry Péter film director-cameraman and Kührner Éva, the chief librarian of the SZAGKHF, who is Berkia Antal theatre founder’s widow. This conversation could be joined by any of the audience.

The exhibition can be visited free of charge until 19th December.

By Vándor Ilka