A class from Saint Nicolas School visited us for a guided museum education tour

A class of St Nicholas Greek Catholic School visited us for a guided museum education tour. Through playful exercises we explored the artefacts and thematic units of the exhibition. They were introduced to the world of wooden churches through the construction of a wooden church model, we collected stamps to discover the objects in the display cases, listened to special melodies and also took adventures into the world of scents associated with the Greek Catholicism. The bravest of them also explored the time tunnel – with great success. The children returned to their school filled with valuable experiences, and we will keep the memory of the sparkling eyes and the twittering voices in our hearts.

Thank you for visiting us!

We welcome all interested groups to our guided museum tour!

You can enquire about our museum education guided tours here: info@gorogkatolikusmuzeum.hu.

Photo: Bodnar Boglarka